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New vBulletin license for TMO…

This is just a quick note of thanks (again) to the Maemo Community for stepping up and donating their hard-earned money in order to keep our community alive.

vBulletinBecause of your donations and the help of many community members — especially Reggie Suplido (rsuplido), long-time Maemo Community member and Super Admin of TMO ( and — we were able to purchase a license for vBulletin, the software that runs the TMO forums.

But, what does this mean for our community? It means that when we are set to migrate all of the infrastructure to new servers at the end of this year, TMO will be coming with it. Hopefully, due to the migration and the vBulletin license, the community downtime will be negligible.

Again, thank you for supporting this community. And, if you haven’t donated any money yet, please consider doing so here:

Happy Holidays everyone!

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