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Board Minutes For Meeting On January 26, 2013


  • Tim Samoff / timsamoff (video)
  • Iván Gálvez Junquera / ivgalvez (audio only)
  • Rob Bauer / SD69 (audio only)

New HFO Support Staff:

  • Ryan Abel (generalantilles) appointed as Communications Manager (to handle online and social publication of HFO communication).
    • Hildon Foundation Board voted unanimously.
  • Based on his offer to help, ask Mathew Hart (flynx) to review HFO website and offer improved and more detailed content.

Finance Status:

  • Cosimo:
    •  What is the financial status of HFO?
      • Cosimo’s response (voa email): “Every day we get on average about $50 US of donations.”
    •  Have there been any additional donations?
      • Cosimo’s response (via email): “Yes, all the time. I can’t update the list in real time. So I’m updating it on a monthly basis, or semi-monthly if needed.”
    •  Has the original donation money been transfered from PayPal to the HFO bank account?
      • Cosimo’s response (via email): “No. We agreed to wait with that until HFO has its own PayPal account. Then there are no more donations to my PayPal account so that I can transfer the money all in one transfer to safe international transfer fees.”
        • Update: An HFO PayPal account has since been created.

HFO Ovi Store Account:

  • Has an account already been created?
    • After investigation: Not yet.
    • Cosimo: The HFO bank account will have to be connected with the Ovi Store account.
  • Maemo Community Council will be in charge for approving contributed apps for HFO Ovi Account.
    • It is the Hildon Foundation Board’s opinion that these apps should be related (e.g., TMO app for N9, TMO link for N800, etc.). Server Status:

  • The Nokia server will cease to support on 1 March 2013.
  • Currently Nemein is charging $500 per month for server support.
  • Joerg Reisenweber suggested the option of using Oregon State University’s Open Source Lab (
    • This seems like a very good idea to pursue.
  • Whatever the option, the Maemo Community Council needs to make a decision very soon.
  • Joerg Reisenweber asked for Hildon Foundation Board to give approval in assigning Falk Stern (fstern) as SysOp.
    • Hildon Foundation Board grants approval. Transferance from Nokia:

  • Tim still working on transfering domain names. He will send a new email request.
  • Rob is waiting to hear back about contractual issues (hopefully next week), specifically, agreements about software distribution.

Open Invention Network (OIN):

  • OIN has approached HFO with an offer to help with FOSS patenting issues. Unfortunately, they do not cover mobile devices, so help is not needed at this time.
    • Update: OIN has begun supporting mobile technologies.

Unified Letter for Potential Donors:

  • Tim needs to finish the first draft of the letter and send to the rest of the Board for review and edits.

TMO Reorg:

  • We will potentially be adding Mer, Nemo, and Sailfish OS categories to the MeeGo subforum on TMO.
    • Possibly reengage Jolla about upcoming TMO reorganisation and ask for their input.
    • We must have a public conversation on TMO in order to have community buy in (or not).
    • Hildon Foundation Board to discuss these issues in more detail via email.

  • Need to ask Nemein about the possibility of migrating the website and services to the same server that is on.
    • And, once done, could some of the common services (repos, Bugzilla, etc.) be merged in order to cut down on maintenance, etc.?
Meeting concluded.

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