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Board Minutes For Meeting On February 17, 2013


  • Tim Samoff / timsamoff (video)
  • Rob Bauer / SD69 (audio only)
  • Iván Gálvez Junquera / ivgalvez (chat only)

Finances (including bank account issues):

  • Wire transfer went through, but the transfer didn’t have the account number… All issues were resolved, except that it wasn’t all of the funds.
  • Cosimo (via email): Amount transferred: $2,130.00 out of $3374.83… Where is the rest of the money?
    • Cosimo has transferred the $2,120.00 some weeks ago from personal PayPal account to personal bank account in preparation of the international transfer to the HF bank account.
    • The rest will be transferred via PayPal as soon as the HF PayPal account is linked to the HF bank account (the HF PayPal account can’t accept money as long as it isn’t linked; donations or transfers are there, but they can’t be used yet).
  • Cosimo: What is the status of linking the new PayPal account?
    • The HF PayPal account was linked to the HF bank account the week before last week. PayPal usually transfers two small amounts (for example $0,02 and $0,05) which the bank holder has to verify in the bank account.
      • The routing and account numbers are needed.
  • Cosimo: Where is the money?
    • Three places:
      • In the HF bank account.
      • In HF PayPal account (donations coming in from 8. February on), frozen until linked to HF bank account.
      • In personal PayPal account (donations made until 8. February).

Nokia contract issues:

  • Still no final word from Nokia about the transfer of ownership.
    • Why aren’t they finishing the process? Puts all of community in a difficult position.
      • Iván: I think that might be there is lack of communication between different Nokia departments. Mokia said that domain transference should be doable between Tim and Eero. (However Nokia didn’t know anything about DNS problems.)
        • Tim will complete this task this week.
        • There may be potential DNS issues surrounding this task.
        • Iván: I suggest you both to send a new email to try to push the domain/DNS issues.
          • The problem is that connections to will go to Nokia DNS.
        • According to Council… (DocScrutinizer05) I today came up with a plan to gather more control over our DNS records (the stuff converting from URL -> IP). I talked about it with Eero and Merlin and we agreed to give it a try and see if Nokia will agree to do it. The basic idea is to.
  • Big problem: Nemein is still in control until Nokia transfers legal ownership to us.
  • The contract between HF and Nokia still has a couple of sticking points.
    • Nokia/Hildon relationship still needs to be clarified.
    • What is still something that needs to be under NDA?
    • Nokia keeps removing software distribution tools from the agreement. Why?
      • The PoC at Nokia told us that SDK will be available to redistribute from our side, while OVI Store or other commercial software won’t.
      • Rob will follow up with Nokia PoC and Nokia lawyer about these issues.
  • Need to deal with current issues concerning Nemein.
    • Rob to contact them about our current situation.
    • Tim to contact Henri Bergius about extending patience due to lack of Nokia response.
  • Appointing of new infrastructure maintenance positions:

    • Christian Ratzenhofer (merlin1991): Voted in unanimously.
    • Craig Woodward (Woody14619): Voted in unanimously.

    Migration issues (including those questions brought up by Eero, copied below):

    • OSUOSL: Very reputable.– No contact in last week.
    • IPHH: Very reasonable terms (free).
      • Will send contract soon.
    • Rob to execute contract if the terms (especially about the hardware) are agreeable.
      • If IPHH’s contract is good, we will go with them.
  • Hosting contract will be needed in regards to collocated contract.
  • The Board feels that the Council should solicit community opinions more often about issues such as these. In this particular case, the Board doesn’t see the Cuncil reaching out to the community enough. (There have been a couple of complaints from Community members.) To be clear, the migration decision isn’t solely the Council’s, but the community’s decision at large… The Council is in place to facilitate these community-wide operations, but not mandate them.
  • Board and Council relationship/dynamic:

    • Council is free to vote to appoint repo maintainers as long as they’re community members (and not paid).
      • To be clear, this is only for, not any other domain or project that Hildon Foundation might do.
    • This does not apply to SysAdmins, which the Foundation would like to be involved in choosing and accepting for roles.
    • Currently, there is only one manager: Joerg and one administrator: Falk. In the future, we hope that there are several SysAdmins.


    • Canonical to release Ubuntu “mobile” source code soon (see: Ubuntu for Phones).
      • Rob to send email to community in order to see how open the Ubuntu code is and how it might fit with Maemo.
    • We need to figure out if there are duplicated efforts, etc.
      • Can we work with them to accompish any mutual goals?
        • For instance, can we supply extras?

    Iván’s resignation from the Board and Council:

    • Will send resignation later.* Need to find replacement.
      • Iván: A few proposals: Cosimo Kroll (obviously), Craig Woodward, and Alexander Kozhevnikov (Mentalist Traceur).
    Meeting concluded.

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    1. Jeff says:

      Fucking Nokia, WTF are they doing wasting our time getting the transition done.
      Fucking rude pricks, get your shit together & give us answers to all of our questions!

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