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Board Minutes For Meeting On December 8th, 2012

Apologies for the delay, but there were several logistical aspects that had to be resolved…


  • Tim Samoff / timsamoff (video)
  • Iván Gálvez Junquera / ivgalvez (audio only)
  • Rob Bauer / SD69 (audio only)


  • Do we need two bank accounts? (One in the U.S. and one in Europe?)
  • Hildon Foundation is not yet tax exempt and therefore, donation cannot be tax deductible.
  • We need to begin a PayPal method for donations right away.
    • Rob will seed a bank account for use for Hildon Foundation and for PayPal donations.
    • This is now partially complete, although we need to convert it to an HF account (currently, the money is going to Cosimo’s account, which is the same account used for the Coding Competitions).
  • TMO & vBulletin:
    • We need to fund the vBulletin license.
    • Should the fundraiser be specifically for TMO & vBulletin or for in general?
      • TMO is to some extent, so the fundraiser can be more general.
    • Cosimo to start a thread on TMO.

HF Board Members:

  • Randall Arnold to leave HF Board of Directors for personal reasons.

    • How to communicate this to the community?
    • Randy needs to communicate this (post a resignation) so that there are no misconceptions.
      • Unfortunately, this has not happened yet.
  • How should we communicate the need for a new board member?
    • Do we need to hold a new election?
    • Should we inquire with someone from another FLOSS organization? (Jolla, Sailfish OS, Linux Foundation, etc.?)
    • Should it be someone from the community?
    • What about Rob?
    • Community needs to advise…
      • We should post a request to specific community contributors to advise the Board on the next moves…
      • Iván will take care of this communication.
  • Tim to be appointed as new Chairman of the Board.

Maemo Community Council:

  • The Board needs to appoint the new Council.
    • Communication: “The Board votes the newly elected Council in to take responsibility for running, administrating, and managing daily operations of”
      • The exact terms about what this means are still under discussion.

Maemo Community Administrator:

  • Let’s ask Joerg Reisenweber (joerg_rw) since he has already volunteered and has credentials in Maemo Community.
    • With Council’s agreement, we can announce Joerg as the admin.
  • The Council, along with the admin, will need to take care of finding others with specific skillsets for keeping running.
  • This person will be responsible for and not other projects.
  • Maemo Community Infrastructure:
  • Some NDA-related discussion here (documented in another location).
  • HF has no budget yet.
  • Someone will need to be responsible for the Midgard CMS.
    • Neimen hasn’t sent any info about the other failing technologies within yet (wiki, Autobuilder, etc.).
    • We still haven’t received a proposal for monthly service charges.
    • We also need to continue dialog with Neimen about their intentions to continue supporting — or not.
  • Backups have been completed for nearly every aspect of
  • Iván will take care of an announcement on the Board blog about transfer, including thanking Reggie Suplido for his help, as well as the announcement about the Council.
  • We also need to find a suitable replacement for Reggie.
  • We need to work out terms for locating different technologies in various global locations.
Meeting concluded.

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