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Board Minutes For Meeting On December 19th, 2012


Maemo Community Migration Issues:

  • Nokia paying for initial migration… What will happen in the future? What will the potential costs of management and maintenance?
    • We need to verify these issues with Nemein.

HF Board Meeting Minutes:

  • Board Minutes to be published on HFO from now on — and aggregated to pmo.

Board Member Issues:

  • In lieu of Randall Arnold’s (texrat) departure from the Board of Directors, the remaining Board members has asked Rob Bauer (SD69) to step in as the replacement — and he has accepted..
    • Rob will continue to serve as Secretary for the Board.
  • Tim will talk to Niels Breet (xfade) about email aliases for email address.

TMO Migration:

  • Privacy issues?
    • Reggie Suplido (rsuplido) not very concerned.
    • Andrew Flegg (Jaffa) report: “Data Protection Act doesn’t apply IIRC: it’s either not customer data (because it’s not particularly personally identifiable) or because it’s just an address book.”
    • This subject needs additional research, although the Board needs to make a decision now…
      • Board agrees unanimously on moving TMO to the same server as the rest of the infrastructure, managed by Nemein.
  • Reggie Suplido will take care of the migration with the support of Nemein.
    • Reggie will upgrade Rüdiger Schiller (chemist) to administrator of TMO to handle maintenance in the future.
  • Will Nemein provide this migration service for free?
  • vBeulletin License:
    • We need to purchase a license ($195 for the current version to avoid templating and plugin compatibility issues).
    • Cosimo will purchase the vBulletin license in Hildon Foundation’s name, via the PayPal account.
      • Needs to know exactly where to purchase the license.
      • Cosimo will email Reggie: Reggie will need to provide the information.
    • This needs to be done before the end of the year.

New Maemo Community Administrators:

  • Ruediger Schiller (chemist) appointed as TMO administrator.
    • Board agrees unanimously.
  • Michael Demetriou (qwazix) has volunteered to help with TMO server administration if needed.
    • This role is not necessary at this time, so Michael was not appointed to the position.
    • If needed, we will revisit this option in the future.

Fundraising Status Update:

  • $2258.15 has been donated at this point.
  • There were some reporting issues with duplicate entries in the first reports, but these have now been resolved.
  • Bank account paperwork is being processed at the moment.
    • A specific HF PayPal account will then be attached to the new account.
    • All of the current moneys will then be transferred to the new account.
  • Some people cannot use PayPal, so we need to institute a method for them to make donations to the bank account directly.
  • The bank account has a 50-cent per transaction fee if 75 transactions per statement cycle is breached. Likewise, there may be a fairly stiff fee for international wire transfers ($40 US?).
    • Cosimo will check on this.
    • Rob is providing more information.
  • Tim will complete unified letter to potential sponsors.
  • All Board members to compile list of potential sponsors and contacts.
  • How will communication of donations be conveyed?
  • Should we upgrade to a premium PayPal account?
    • Public donation reports, recurring payments, etc.
    • Cosimo will check on the cost.

HF Web Page and Communications Officer:

  • Someone needs to admin the social presence of HF.
  • Andrew Flegg (Jaffa), Ryan Abel (GeneralAntilles), Andrew Olmsted (fiferboy)?
    • Tim will send email request.

Other Items/Issues:

  • The team has expressed interest being hosted with the community.
    • We need to talk with Nokia and Nemein.
      • Iván will take care of this communication.
  • Holiday season: Tim and Iván will be traveling; Cosimo will be on two-week vacation; Rob’s status is unknown at this time?
    • We will communicate via email until the next meeting date (week of January 7, 2013).
Meeting concluded.

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