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Board Meeting Minutes of April 19, 2013

Board Members Attending:

  • Craig Woodard / Woody14619 (audio only)
  • Rob Bauer / SD69 (audio only)
  • Jim Jagielski / Jimjag (audio only)

Personnel and Organization

  • Motion by Craig Woodard to appoint Xes as co-sysop for, with physical access to server if needed. Passed unanimously.
  • Motion by Robert Bauer to appoint Jacekowski as co-sysop for, with physical access to server if needed, under supervision of other co-sysops and subject to their continuing consent. Passed unanimously.
  • Resignation of Cosimo Kroll as Treasurer was noted and circumstances of bank account discussed. Volunteers to be requested for Treasurer and appointed at next Board meeting.
  • Discussion of Secretary and Chair positions. Robert Bauer will continue as Secretary and Craig Woodard will be Chair.
  • Discussion of Board Meeting Schedule. Board members will communicate via email to determine schedule.
  • Discussion of roles of Hildon Foundation Council and Maemo Community Council. Colloquoy between Craig Woodard and Robert Bauer on background of the councils. Jim Jagielski recommends to continue the process of initiating a Hildon Foundation Council election process. Further colloquoy on the councils during which Jim Jagielski leaves meeting. Joint motion by Craig Woodard and Robert Bauer to continue with elections for Hildon Foundation Council at the same time as election for Maemo Community Council. Jim Jagielski not present and does not vote on motion.
  • Discussion of suggestion of special election for Board of Directors. Robert Bauer noted that special election of the current Board can be prompted by resignation of a Director and one of the remaining two Directors refusing to appoint a replacement for the resigning Director within 7 days.
  • Infrastructure Issues

  • Motion by Jim Jagielski to purchase SSL certificates for immediately upon transfer of domain from Nokia. Passed unanimously.
  • Motion by Craig Woodard to reimburse Joerg Reisenweber up to $300 for purchase of hard drives subject to documentation. Passed unanimously.
  • Discussion of IPHH annual contract for server hosting and payment by Treasurer. Motion by Craig Woodard to sign contract. Passed unanimously.
  • Discussion of offering Hildon Foundation server to act as mirror for Qt project. Suggested by Craig Woodard to request Falk to discuss the matter with IPHH.

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