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An Update on Hildon Foundation Council and Maemo Community Council

There have been some unfortunate rumors and efforts going on with respect to the Hildon Foundation Council. This post will hopefully clarify the current official status of Hildon Foundation Council and Maemo Community Council.

The Foundation Bylaws state that the Hildon Foundation Council shall be composed of three or five persons and that its function is to organize and manage the membership of the Foundation, facilitate and assist the activities of the members, communicate the needs of the membership of the Board, and conduct the elections of the Foundation. The membership criteria can be karma based or it can be more formal like Debian’s membership program. The Foundation’s membership criteria has not been determined yet, because the initial Hildon Foundation Council has not been determined yet.

The Maemo Community Council is a body whose function traces back to when Nokia administered and maintains the same relationship with the Foundation Board . On December 8, it was appointed by the Foundation Board to take responsibility “for running, administrating, and managing daily operations of” The Foundation has agreed with Nokia to accept responsibility for maintaining and keeping intact, including community aspects such as the Maemo Community Council. The Maemo Community Council should soon have their 6 month elections according to the rules therefore that have been in place for several years.

Although the Bylaws state that the Hildon Foundation Council is to be determined by an election of the Hildon membership, they do not state how the first Hildon Foundation Council is to be determined. In February, Board of Directors Member Bauer recommended that the Board solicit nominees for the first Hildon Foundation Council. However, Board Chair Samoff and Director Galvez resigned before action could be taken on that recommendation. Craig Woodard and Jim Jagielski were appointed to the Board on March 5. Director Woodard subsequently moved that the Board immediately appoint the three current members of the Maemo Community Council to the Hildon Foundation Council without allowing for alternative nominees or for two additional nominees to bring the Hildon Foundation Council to a five man roster.

The determination of the first Hildon Foundation Council should be addressed in the first Board meeting including the new Directors. It may be addressed in the manner recommended by Director Bauer, moved by Director Woodard, or in some other manner, such as some form of election. Unfortunately, there is not yet any Electorate and Nominations Requirements document as specified in Article VII of the Bylaws so the details of any election would have to be determined by the Board as well. It is necessary for the Electorate and Nominations Requirements document to be completed by the Hildon Foundation Council soon, as an election of the Hildon Foundation Board must be conducted according to it later this year.

It is noted that the three current members of the Maemo Community Council have purported to appoint themselves as a three member Hildon Foundation Council and to conduct the elections of the Foundation without the Electorate and Nominations Requirements document specified in the Bylaws. This was not done through any cooperation with the Board or the community at large. It was an unofficial act, beyond the authority of the maemo community council indicated above and is of no effect. It is possible that the initial Hildon Foundation Council will be determined by an election which utilizes or leverages the Maemo Community Council election process in some way, but this would have to be determined by the Board.

It is a bit cumbersome to comply with formalities, but they are necessitated by the Bylaws which were determined in an open and inclusive fashion. Since Hildon Foundation is a registered nonprofit corporation, it should be in full compliance with its Bylaws at all times. If Hildon Foundation wishes to become a tax-exempt organization, compliance with the Bylaws is necessary for that as well. Please exercise patience as the Foundation continues its growing pains.

Robert Bauer
Secretary, Hildon Foundation

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15 Responses so far.

  1. Sami P says:

    Thanks for posting this. I was confused by some of the comments I’ve read elsewhere and it’s nice to have clarification.

  2. Niel says:

    There have indeed been much confusion, bull-fighting, and un-clearity on many issues. Not only regarding the HiFo, The Council board, and election on both – and election methods, late calls, to mention a few.
    I, PERSONALLY, do not like this. The community future and existance et all, is at stake. I believe a proper election should be called for, and not anyone self-elected should essentially be on the board, either HiFo, nor community council.
    But, what I dislike even more, is that individuals are using group-accounts, or media, to promote their personal motivations. This have happened, as I see it, in the current situation, and is worsening the prospect of a future for us all.
    As many of those who read this, is aware of, I have personally not lived up to the expectations of being a board member. You all also know the reasons. And therefore, I would never, ever, expect anyone to even consider me for neither HiFo BoD nor council.
    But, I do hope, that we can keep good members on board. Being a one person board member, is not easy, or perhaps even possible.
    So, in order to proceed, I believe both strategies for moving forward that was expressed here, were all in the best attention.
    But, leave it at that, focus on moving forward, either way, instead of posting personal opinions in the name of a constellation. Please!

  3. keithzg says:

    So if this is to be moved forwards by the next Board meeting, when is it to be? All of this needed to be sorted out long, long ago. Any further delay is a direct blow to the Maemo community.

  4. SD69 says:

    The Update was made by Secretary of the Foundation, who is responsible for keeping track of the Foundation’s records, Directors, Officers, Committees, and other positions. Perhaps the Update could have been done by the Chairman, but Chairman Samoff resigned in March.

    The Update makes no decision and takes no action. In fact, it makes clear that the Board of Directors may decide the issue, protects the process for the benefit of all, and preserves a fair opportunity for other community members to be on the Hildon Foundation Council.

    When people start attempting to self-appoint themselves to positions in the Foundation in manners that are not official, and passing themselves off as having that position, it presents problems (no matter how much that person thinks they are entitled to the position). Instead of doing nothing and letting the situation continue unresolved, the Secretary is entitled, perhaps responsible for, clarifying the situation, that it was not the result of an official action but an attempted coup
    by three people to secure the position for themselves.

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